Teacher Profile: Jann Moreno

Jann Moreno

Jann Moreno

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano

City: Houston

Education: Bennington College

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    About Jann Moreno

    Jann Moreno is a recent graduate from Bennington College with a Bachelor's of Arts in Music. Throughout his time in college he composed many songs for a variety of instruments. As a musician, he specializes as a guitarist, and has played and led in many bands, ranging from Latin, Psychedelic, and Indie Rock. Aside from teaching guitar and piano, he is passionate about making and recording music, striving to one day open up his own recording studio. Furthermore, he's passionate about his work as a sound design artist, creating sound for films, radio, and podcasts.

    Jann began to play at an early age, relying on his ear to guide him. He would then further develop his passion by writing songs on his acoustic guitar. Once he was admitted into college, he dove into the theory, and learned to compose music. Through his creative and intuitive nature, Jann strives to ignite the passion that students have towards the guitar and piano. Currently, Jann also teaches music as part of an after-school enrichment program.

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