Choosing The Correct Guitar For Your Guitar Lessons

When thinking about choosing the “right guitar” to take lessons on, there’s always the question of what kind of instrument should I have to take lessons on. We at Lessons In Your Home are always happy to help and the following breaks choices down into 3 categories. Guitars for younger beginners (ages 4-7), guitars for children (ages 8-11), and guitars for everyone else (ages 12 and up).

We have a “what to look for” when buying a guitar list in each category and some guitars that we like if you feel like clicking and buying one right online.

We break down our referrals by age because the size of the guitar can really assist in how easy it is to learn to play. If you’re unsure which guitar to choose or want to talk about sizes or types further, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you.

Guitars For Younger Beginners -1/2 Size Guitars

This is the Cordoba C1 1/2 is a 1/2-size nylon string Spanish style guitar. This particular one comes with a gig bag and a tuner.
  • 1/2 guitars for students aged 4-7 are the prefect size this age group
  • These guitars are not toys, they are usually purchased at a music store or an online retailer and not at a toy or department store.
  • Small sized with nylon string, the string type is important and smaller hands need a string they can press down and be successful at.
  • Nice-to-have accessories in addition to the guitar are a: guitar stand, music stand, case, and tuner, etc. Although at a basic level all you need is the guitar.
More choices for younger guitar beginners:
Yamaha CGS102A Half-Size Classical Guitar – Natural
Hohner HC02 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar
Luna AR2 NYL FAERIE Aurora 1/2 Acoustic Guitar, Nylon Faerie


Best Guitar Choice For Children’s Guitar Lessons

  • 3/4 sized guitar. These perfect for most 8-11 year olds

    Guitar lessons - Luna Guitars
    Luna 3/4 sized acoustic guitar. Great for guitar lessons
  • What we like about 3/4 scaled guitars is they can be in your family forever. Often you’ll find adults traveling with these guitars because they smaller in size but still sound really good.
  • Steel string and nylon string acoustics are typical and well as some electric guitar choices too.
  • Nice-to-have accessories in addition to the guitar are a: guitar stand, music stand, case, and tuner, etc. Although at a basic level all you need is the guitar.


More Guitar Choices For Children:
Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top – Vintage Sunburst
Hohner HW03 3/4 Sized Steel String Acoustic Guitar
Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Gig Bag, Dark Red Burst


Guitars For Everyone Else – Students ages 12 -Adult

best guitar to start on
Washburn WD100DL Guitar – Sharp looking and well playing. Great for learning.

And for everyone else, meaning anyone 12 or older but really anyone with a body size large enough to hold a full sized guitar comfortably, here are some choices. As with all the choices in the article these are affordably priced guitars that make a lot of sense to begin lessons on since the instrument will last forever with proper care and serve as a good guitar to learn on.

After a student has played for a while they start to develop a feel for what they like in a guitar. They come to this conclusion exploring what they want their guitar to sound or play like, it’s usually a combination of both.



More Guitars For Everyone:
Yamaha FG820 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar, Natural
Fender F-1000 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural
Ibanez AEG12IINT Natural High Gloss AEG Series Acoustic-Electric Guitar w/ Stand, Tuner, and Cable

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