Your Child’s Guide to Start Playing the Violin

Your Child’s Guide to Start Playing the ViolinIf your little one is interested in the violin, lessons are a great place to start. There are many great violin teachers out there who can teach your child everything they need to know about the instrument.
However, before they can start their violin lessons in Orlando, there are a few things you, as the parent, need to do. This guide will walk you through everything needed for your child to learn to play the violin.

They Need a Violin

The first thing you’ll need to do is find an instrument for your child. If they are under age ten, you’ll want to look for a violin designed for a young player. But for kids over ten, they can most likely handle a full-size instrument. Many music stores will let your child hold the instrument and can help you select one that’s the right size.
Many music stores offer violins for rent. If your child is just starting out with music and isn’t sure if they will continue it, you may want to start with a rental and then buy a violin later if your child decides they love it.
Remember that with musical instruments, it’s very much a case of “you get what you pay for.” Cheaper instruments are often made from poor quality materials and don’t sound as good.

The Bow May Be Separate

Some music stores, especially those that deal in higher-end instruments, sell the bow separately from the violin. While bows may look similar, don’t assume that they’re all the same.
You need to find a bow that fits your child’s hand, is flexible, but also stable, and is well-balanced. If possible, bring your child’s violin teacher or an experienced violin player with you to help you select the right bow and violin.

Consider Other Accessories

Besides your child’s violin and bow, they may need a few other items, like a chin guard, shoulder rest, carrying case, electric tuner, and rosin to use on their bow. Most of these items can be purchased at the same store you bought or rented the violin from. If they aren’t available at that store, the sales associate usually has a list of other stores where you can purchase these accessories.

Talk to Your Child About Violin Styles

Violins are generally seen as a very classical instrument, but that doesn’t mean there’s only one style of music you can play with them. For example, Lindsey Sterling has made a name for herself as a modern violin player who mixes dance into her performances.
Talk to your child about why they want to learn the violin. Do they want to learn to enrich their own lives and have a musical skill, or do they someday want to join an orchestra? Do they want to become a professional violin player, or do they want to play as a hobby?
Once you know, you’ll be able to discuss these goals with potential teachers so you can make sure your child’s lessons help them get to where they want to go.

Make a Schedule

Your child will need some uninterrupted practice time every day. You’ll want to sit down with them and help them find a time to set aside for their violin.
This can be somewhat difficult if they’re already involved in a number of after-school activities or clubs. Once you’ve created a schedule, talk to your child about how important it is to stick to it.

Contact Us to Find a Violin Teacher

Lessons in Your Home offers violin lessons to students of all ages, and we do it all in your own home. If your child is ready to begin learning the violin, contact us today to set up a meeting.

Your Child’s Guide to Start Playing the Violin

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