Voice Lessons Help To Escape Peer Pressure

Voice Lessons may be the identifier your student needs to escape peer pressure. In fact young people involved in music are 85% more likely to become leaders in there peer group.

Young Students Facing Challenges

Voice Teacher
Voice Lessons help relieve the pressure.

There are a lot of challenges students face today and peer pressure seems even greater then ever before with the constant connection to social media. Finding your voice through Voice lessons can be an escape from the pressure and a path to greater accomplishments. A terrific way to unplug from this pressure is through music, and many students find that escape in singing.
Think about it; when you’re belting out the notes of your favorite song you’re working on, or are practicing the technique your voice teacher assigned you, it’s hard to hear that beeping phone or worry about what message might be coming over Facebook at that moment. You’ve just created a little escape to a fascinating place with little worry of peer pressure!

Learning A Positive Identity

Teens need an identity.. When they can identify as a singer, it gives great confidence. When they can identify with a song, more confidence still. When emotions can be expressed through the tried and true medium of music, we’ve done something great for our kids. We’ve given them a tool to help-however great or small-to navigate the twists and turns of life, emotions, stress and so many other things.
I love music. I love to perform it, listen to it, be around it. If our kids pick up on that and get some of that enthusiasm for music, won’t their world, and in turn OUR world be a better place? We scratch our heads sometimes in wonder at the state of youth in our country. Well, what are we, the adults, giving as an alternative? I propose giving them music. It is good!!It is a healthy outlet. It is something productive that we can all spend our time on and give back to society through. Give the students in your life an advantage. Help them find their voice through music-literally, which in turn will help with the intangible voice they are also looking to express.
Make a difference. Make music a priority and something that helps fill these young, awesome minds with something great!

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