Voice And Piano Lessons Altamonte Springs, FL Welcome Marissa Green

I have been inviting a lot of really talented teachers lately to teach with Lessons In Your Home Orlando.  Orlando is a huge city and is considered a melting pot for musicians, performers, and all around entertainers.  This entertainment environment lends itself to a wonderful pool of young talent.  One new teacher that I have been particularly impressed with is Marissa Green.

Voice And Piano Lessons Altamonte Springs

Piano Lessons Altamonte Springs
Meet Marissa Green

Marissa is one of the newest additions to the Lessons In Your Home family in the Orlando area.  A multifaceted musician, she teaches both piano and voice and is based in the Altamonte Springs area.

Stetson University

Marissa gained a lot of valuable experience at Stetson University.  There, she studied not only music performance, but music education as well as business administration.  With these three concentrations, you can be sure that she is a very well rounded musician and person.

Classical Music

Let’s first discuss her multi-faceted performing resume.  Marissa has performed extensively on and off the Stetson campus as a solo pianist.  She is especially drawn to classical repertoire, having performed works by Schumann, Schubert, Shostakovich, Debussy, Beethoven, Bach, Haydn, Mendelssohn, and Chopin.  She has also performed vocally in the prestigious Stetson Chorale.

Theater Training

Marissa’s performance experience extends further than just classical repertoire.  She also has a strong musical theater background, making her a very well rounded musician and performer.

“I’m Best Being A Music Teacher”

Perhaps what impressed me the most about Marissa is her obvious passion for teaching.  Pretty much right after we sat down to meet with each other, Marissa wanted to talk about what she does best: teaching music.  She wanted to bounce ideas off of me and have a real conversation about teaching and teaching philosophy.  I’m sure her music education background really helped her develop useful teaching tools while teaching her new ones.

Music Lessons, Ready And Willing

Marissa asked me various questions as to how she can improve on her already fabulous teaching style.  We discussed tips for motivating students to practice, preparing students for recitals, and the best ways possible to make students feel great about themselves.
I feel very fortunate to have Marissa as a new teacher for Lessons In Your Home.  She has a stellar resume and is still seeking to improve upon what she does best – teaching great music lessons.  To schedule your first lesson with Marissa, please give us a call!

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