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It is officially summer time in Miami!  All of the tourists are gone, the temperature is heating up to almost unbearable temperatures, school is out, and families have many options for how to spend their summer in Miami.  This could be the perfect time to start music lessons with Lessons In Your Home Miami!

Why The Summer

There are many great reasons to start music lessons in the summer.  With school out, students may have much more time on their hands.  Without the pressure of homework, there is plenty more time for students to be practicing.  Kids definitely need a break during the summer, but idol time can be unhealthy.  That’s why at Lessons In Your Home Miami, we allow a less rigorous schedule, while still giving them a valuable use of their time during the summer.

The “Fun” Factor

Students equate summer time with fun.  It is a time when they don’t have to go to school and they often take family vacations.  Because a student can expect the summer time to be all about fun activities, if private guitar lessons are introduced at this time, it can automatically be seen as the fun, special activity, that we know it is!

What To Expect

At Lessons In Your Home Miami, we know that the summer is a time for fun and relaxation.  Our lessons during the summer tend to follow suit.  This can be a time to temporarily do away with the routine the student may be used to.  Less structure, more fun! You may expect to learn material a little more out of the box such as TV show themes, pop songs, and any other fun material the student wants to learn.
However, if the student wants to take the other extreme and take on more difficult material due to the extra time, our teachers will certainly accommodate those students as well.  Many students choose harder material and take advantage of the extra free time to practice.  This can be a great time for the very motivated student to take their lessons to the next level.  These more rigorous practice habits could even carry over into the next school year.

Going On Vacation

Many families choose to go on vacation during the summer.  If you would like to take a few weeks off during the summer, please feel free!  At Lessons In Your Home Miami, you are not responsible for the lessons you miss during the summer because you are going on vacation.  Our teachers will try their best to make up the missed lessons, or you can simply receive credits for the time taken off.  Basically during the summer, the one thing we’re trying stress, is no stress!

Continuing Lessons In The Summer

If your student is already a Lessons In Your Home Miami student and wants to continue during the summer, that’s wonderful!  In fact, continuing lessons during the summer, even not continuously is strongly recommended.  We want to make sure that nothing the student has already learned is lost and the way to accomplish this is by maintaining their practice.


The summer is definitely a very special time of the year and that’s why we treat the summer differently than any other time out of the year.  Balance is the name of the game and Lessons In Your Home Miami provides a great balance between having fun and being productive this summer.
Are you ready to get started now!

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