Happy Side Effects Of In Home Piano Lessons

I have always said that learning how to play an instrument is the best thing I have ever done for myself.  There are so many benefits to learning how to play an instrument and this blog will barely scratch the surface, but I have listed a few key reasons as to how taking in home piano lessons can improve a person’s life.  You may be surprised that many of these reasons don’t actually have very much to do with music.

There is always something productive to do

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Think Fast, It could Help A Student!

Many children as well as adults today struggle with a sense of boredom and general distraction.  Often times, it seems as if there is not really anything productive to do and it becomes so easy to default to watching tv or searching the internet for not really anything in particular.  However, when you are a student of in home piano lessons, there is always the piano.  When you have a piano in your home, and you are taking weekly lessons, the task of practicing the piano is always in the foreground of your mind as something you need to be working on.  Practicing on the piano is always time well spent and every minute you spend sitting behind that piano is a valuable investment in your abilities and skills.  It’s also a lot of fun and can be very therapeutic!

You learn the core values of patience and hard work paying off

This is especially helpful for children because no one is born with the realization that putting quality time and energy into something will greatly benefit your life.  This important life lesson is not something you can expect to tell a young child and they will understand.  They need to learn it themselves, and the earlier the better!  Taking in home piano lessons can be a beautiful way of teaching this skill to a child.  The more they practice, the more they feel themselves getting better at what they’ve been working on, and therefore, the higher their self-esteem becomes.  A student begins to understand that if they want to improve themselves, they must put in the time, and significant progress will gradually happen.

You learn to effectively communicate with others

This life lesson happens once the student is able to play their instrument with other musicians.  They must learn that for the end result of the music to sound good, they must listen to what the other people are playing and adjust their own playing accordingly.  In the music creation process, many ideas from different instruments must come together to create something new.  The student begins to understand that the output of the music is a sensitive balance between what that student is playing, and what the other musicians are playing as well.  This is a very important life lesson to learn because many times in our lives, we have to work with others to create something and the only way to get it done effectively is to listen and work together.

Your creativity can positively affect others

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Bonding & Security

It’s hard to describe the feeling a person gets when they are playing music for another person and that person is genuinely moved by it.  It is a huge boost in self esteem and confidence to know that something that you worked on is being appreciated on a deep level by someone else.  It’s more than applause or a pat on the back after a concert.  Anyone who listens to music has felt what it can be like to hear the right music at the right moment in their life.  It can be life changing.  As a music student, you have the potential to create this feeling in someone else.  Everyone does.  It all starts with in home piano lessons.  One day, you can inspire millions of people around the world.

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