Five Tips To Be A Better Quality Violin Player

shutterstock_202483021What makes certain violinists stand out from the many players who already exist? When I watch violin competitions, I see numerous violinists play at exceptional levels and looking at the competitors’ biographies, some have studied with the world’s top pedagogues or began playing at a very early age. In the midst of all the talent, my heart skips a beat and I sit forward in my chair as I listen to specific players. They might be nailing all the difficult passages with ease or playing with the utmost passion. The reasons vary for my excitement but they bring out something specially unique to their playing, their experience, and their interpretation of the music. In your search for what Atlanta violin lessons provide, this need for quality results becomes important. Each violinist has the ability to portray their specialty with these tips.

Play Everything Musically and Professionally

You probably heard the phrase “quality over quantity” and I find that this advice fits perfectly for anyone learning violin. For a beginner violin player who plays only a few notes and the simplest of pieces, lies the capacity to play each note with care, thorough attention, and love. At my studio recitals, I have watched some of my students perform Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star – one of the first tunes often learned – and they play with a big sound and a smile. These students often steal the show over those who nail all the notes in a flashy piece but treat the music with little enthusiasm. When students diligently practice scales or technique exercises and apply the same interest and intentionality, their musical expression will grow and become an impressive aspect of their playing.

Use Your Ears

This tip has a range of explanations but I specifically target the need for violinists to listen to themselves playing. I find that my students are often busy reading the notes, focusing solely on the music sheets in front of them but take little time to close their eyes and listen to their sound – the cleanness, the core, and the ring. If they take time to memorize a few notes and listen to what they are producing, a significant difference comes to light.

Practice Mentally

An anonymous author once stated, “If you can imagine it and you visualize it, you can create it”. Practicing mentally helps violinists and even Atlanta violin teachers bring out the result they aspire toward by internalizing fingerings, bow strokes, physique, and all details necessary for effective performance. This tip saves exhausted time on passages that seem to always give trouble. When violinists build their comfort in playing, sometimes their fingers act as if they have a mind of their own, knowing where to go without the player thinking twice.
I noticed that when I relied on this knowledge for performance, I fell in the flow of playing the music like I heard in a recording instead of giving the music my own ideas and creativity. In the process, I also became frustrated with notes that never seemed to register in my brain. When I internalized the music and even sang the melodies, I was able to play more fluently. Mental practice saves time while building a musician’s unique musical expression.

Engage With Experiences Of Other Musicians

Whether by talking with other musicians in orchestra practice, watching a violinist perform, or reading about the lives of famous violinists’ journeys, one receives inspiration and motivation for becoming a quality player. Many other violinists struggle along their musical journeys and knowing how they overcome the difficulties while finding their own unique qualities provides solutions for any budding violinist. Engaging with a musical community also helps violinists become versatile and experienced players as they embrace challenges and adjust to various commitments.

Begin With Lessons

A violin player needs instruction and guidance to develop solid skills and lessons are the best start to becoming a quality musician. Lessons In Your Home understands this need and provides this opportunity by matching them with the best possible violin instructor.  They can either come to your home to teach or can also provide online music lessons. Our virtual music lessons are taught by local music teachers who plan their lessons to suit your child. Contact us today to find an instructor your child will remember for their lifetime.
By: Danya Wilson

Five Tips To Be A Better Quality Violin Player

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