4 Steps To Sing Vowels Correctly

This entry is to singers taking Are Singing Lessons Worth It who are having trouble singing vowels.  There are some steps you can take that will help produce a better vowel sound.  We all know that singing is singing on vowels.  Go ahead, try to sing a “D”, “T”, or “B”.  You can’t do it.  The sound you’re actually singing on is the “ee” sound after you hit the consonant.  So, you really have to know how to sing those vowels right.  We’re going to start with some points from proper breathing, which is the foundation of all singing.

1. Stand up straight

You never want to slouch when singing.  You can stand against the wall, and your shoulder blades and lower back should be touching.  Don’t try and force the natural curve to straighten out, or take your shoulder blades from off the wall.

2. Keep the chest high

You want to create the proper tone and resonance.  If you’ve ever blown on a bottle and heard it’s whistle, that’s a similar effect we want to create here.  You want your lungs to be open and have space inside for a nice rich sound.  Keep your neck at a 90 degree angle for the best sound.

3. Relax your jaw and make your mouth round in front and in back.

Making a “round” tone is the best way to create and sing vowels correctly.  You must remember to stay relaxed through it all.

4. Sing “oo-oh-ah-ay-ee” from Sol to Do, ascending a half step after completing the syllables.

Keeping your round sound, singing oo (sol), oh (fa), ah (mi), ay (re), ee (do), then step up a half step and sing Sol to Do again.  The trick is to maintain the front of your mouth in relatively the same “oo” shape the whole time.  Not changing this relaxed “oo” shape will help keep everything round and produce the rich vowel sound.  Practice this going up until it’s uncomfortable, then start moving your half steps down.  Maintain the “oo” shape the entire time to create the richness.

What Do You See In The Mirror

Practice this exercise every day and ask your voice teacher how to improve the sound.  Relaxation is the name of the game.  If your lips are too tight, then the sound will be restricted.  Keep it loose and have fun by looking at yourself in the mirror to make sure your shape is staying the same.

Are Singing Lessons Worth It

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