Washington DC Brass Instrument Lessons For Kids and Children

When choosing a first instrument, it is hard to know where to start. Our brass teachers are here to assist you with taking those first steps! In beginner brass lessons, your student will learn about embouchure, breath support, valves, music reading, and much much more!

Since all of our brass teachers are multi-instrumentalists, it is easy to switch instruments if a particular instrument is not the best fit. Our music instructors teach from personalized music lessons that they develop for your child specifically. This means that each lesson is tailored to meet your students’ musical skill level, cognition level, and attention span. This allows for steady and consistent development for young beginners - paving the way for a strong musical foundation.

Find Brass Instrument Lessons

Our directors will place you with a teacher that we believe best fits your schedule, your personality, and your level of ambition, no matter if you’re in DC, Arlington, VA, Bethesda, MD, or anywhere in between. After being assigned to a teacher, they will guide you on what books to purchase, what type of practice schedule to instill, and give weekly feedback on your students’ progress. Additionally, these lessons can take place in person or virtually! Thanks to new developments in our technology, we can offer online music lessons over FaceTime, GoogleMeets, Skype, or any other video meeting that you prefer. Getting lessons has never been easier - get started today!