About Us

Quality Music Lessons Where They are Most Appreciated


    Lessons In Your Home literally reached out to its students in 1997 when founder Jay Maurice began using people’s houses and schools as his studio.

    The approach was simple: give the highest quality lessons where they are most appreciated. To do that you need the best teachers. That’s who we are.

    Today we are Lessons In Your Home. We teach future musicians in Atlanta, Houston, Washington, DC, Miami/South Florida, Denver, Orlando, Baltimore, Seattle, and Dallas. Our youngest musicians are five, our oldest seventy-five.

    Our student musicians play piano, guitar, violin, drums, brass, strings, woodwinds, and percussion. They compose, perform and learn that music is more than notes and rhythms, it’s expression!

    We are excited, and energized about sharing our passion with you!
    Fun With Music — For Everyone

    Our Students

    Our student musicians play piano, guitar, violin, drums, brass, strings, woodwinds, and percussion. They compose and perform music and learn that music is much more than notes and rhythms: music is expression!

    Our youngest musicians are five. Our oldest seventy-five.

    Our young students enjoy recitals, performing, and sharing music. Some students decide to study music as a profession.

    The Lessons In Your Home Process

    Who We Are

    Lessons In Your Home is a tight-knit family of world-class music teachers in 9 cities. We are passionate about teaching music and to make learning fun. Our key to success is ensuring the best student/teacher relationship.

    We invite you to view our staff online, as our teachers best define us.

    How We Schedule Teachers And Students


    The most important job we do is bringing you the right teacher. It’s a process we take great pride in. Here is the process in short:

    First, we find out as much as we can about our future students — including age, goals, and experience.

    We consider this information — as well as your location and the days and times you are available — in determining which teacher or teachers on our staff would be the best match.
    Our lessons are weekly sessions, each of which lasts 30, 45 or 60 minutes, depending on the student’s situation.