Teacher Profile: Zion Goins

Zion Goins

Zion Goins

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar, Piano

City: Atlanta

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    About Zion Goins

    Hailing from Tennessee, Zion Goins was raised in a musically inclined household that fostered a deep appreciation for creative expression. His affinity for music was evident from an early age, profoundly shaping his identity. At 16, the gift of a guitar on a special Christmas morning marked the initiation of his personal musical exploration. Demonstrating prowess as a vocalist, guitarist, and pianist, Zion's journey through the musical landscape has been marked by a commitment to inspiring and supporting fellow talents.

    Through his creative endeavors, Zion's compositions have come to life, showcasing his aptitude for songwriting. His output has been abundant, with his compositions resonating across diverse musical landscapes. His distinctive lyrical voice has garnered attention, offering a unique perspective that resonates with his audience and has presented the opportunity to collaborate and write with the likes of Tribl Music, Maverick City Music, Freechapel, & Songfinch to name a few.

    Venturing beyond solitary pursuits, Zion joined forces with fellow musicians to form a band. Together, they've achieved notable success, amassing over 3 million streams on Spotify alone. Their collective creations have left an indelible imprint on digital platforms, shaping the auditory experiences of countless listeners.

    While his journey revolves around music, Zion's engagement extends beyond the realm of melodies. As a barista at Valor Coffee, he's immersed in a role that complements his artistic sensibilities with an appreciation for diverse flavors and he also enjoys leading ESL, or English as a Second Language classes there each week.

    Guided by the principle that collaboration enhances musical growth, Zion embraces his role as a music instructor. Drawing from personal experience, he nurtures a philosophy that emphasizes dialogue and shared exploration. This approach, rooted in the belief that conversation enriches musical understanding, underscores his dedication to cultivating the artistic potential within each student.

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