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    About Zebulon Croll

    Zebulon Krol is an accomplished music educator and multi-talented musician with a passion for personalized teaching and a wealth of experience in the world of music. Born and raised in Colorado, Zebulon discovered a profound connection to the art of sound at an early age. Embarking on a musical journey, Zebulon honed his skills at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, where they delved into the intricacies of music theory, composition, and performance. Armed with a solid foundation, Zebulon has been sharing their love for music for over a decade, making a significant impact as a dedicated music teacher in Beverly Hills California.

    Growing up in an environment where learning differences were embraced, Zebulon developed a unique insight into the diverse ways in which people absorb knowledge. This understanding fuels their belief that crafting personalized lesson plans is the key to unlocking the full potential of every student.

    Beyond teaching, Zebulon is a versatile musician, excelling as a music producer, vocal producer, songwriter, and expert in mixing and mastering. Their diverse skill set reflects a commitment to mastering every facet of the music industry, enriching his ability to guide aspiring musicians towards success.

    After traversing various musical landscapes and gaining a wealth of experiences, Zebulon has returned to Colorado with a mission—to share the knowledge and insights acquired throughout his musical journey. Eager to contribute to the local music scene, Zebulon is ready to inspire and mentor a new generation of musicians while continuing to refine their own craft. In Zebulon, students and collaborators alike find not just a teacher or musician, but a mentor dedicated to unlocking the full potential of every individual through the transformative power of music.

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