Teacher Profile: Yun OH

Yun OH

Yun OH

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Seattle

Education: University of Washington

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    About Yun OH

    Yun is a highly experienced piano teacher with an extensive background in music education. She pursued her studies in piano and music composition studies at an Art High School, College of Music in her home country, and the University of Washington. With many years of professional experience in piano performance and teaching, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her students.

    During her middle and high school years, she served as a piano accompanist for music classes, participated in school choir competitions, and performed at various church events, further enriching her musical expertise. Her teaching career began in high school at a private music school, where she instructed students in a wide range of musical genres, including classical, hymns, gospel songs, pop music, movie/drama OST, and New Age music, catering to students of all ages and skill levels. Additionally, she showcased her talent as a piano soloist at various performance venues.

    What sets her apart as a teacher is her dedication, patience, and adaptability. Her teaching philosophy centers on flexibility, recognizing that every student possesses a unique learning style. Through meticulous assessment of individual strengths and weaknesses, she customizes her teaching approach to nurture each student’s talents while upholding a commitment to musical excellence.

    Her primary goal in teaching music is to instill a genuine enjoyment and love for playing the piano in her students while ensuring they develop a solid foundation in music. She genuinely cares about the musical progress of each and every one of her students. Yun is enthusiastic about sharing her extensive knowledge and experiences with her students, supporting them in unlocking their full potential, refining their skills, and nurturing their passion for music.

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