Teacher Profile: Yulianna Kosko

Yulianna Kosko

Yulianna Kosko

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Seattle

Education: Uzhhorod School of Art

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    About Yulianna Kosko

    Originally from western Ukraine, Yulianna Kosko is discovering music and art are the biggest part of her life. Being involved in different projects, as well as piano player and also as photographer and designer she enjoys the expression of sound in the everyday life.

    She received a Diploma from the Uzhhorod School of Art by the class of Piano, participating in different competitions, concerts, playing in Uzhhorod Philharmonic, taking actively into accompaniment with a lot of other instruments, such as cello, violin and saxophone. While studying in Musical School she played Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and Brahms works.

    Yulianna enjoys to performing for a big range of audiences, nowadays covering a lot of most popular songs in the world. Having the experience in composing her own music and being deeply inspired by the world around her, she understands how important it is to involve younger generations into the amazing universe of sound.

    At this moment Yulianna is actively involved in different projects, such as volunteering as a Visual Designer for a Ukrainian Association in Washington State, by providing help with organizing events. Also, she is on the path of professional development with her photography career. And most recently, she has been working with Ukrainian musical festivals, such as Atlas Weekend, Fayne Misto, Zvukovuha and others.

    The general idea of teaching music for her - not only strict knowledge of theory and rules, but being able to improvise and create new ideas in future.

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