Teacher Profile: Yue Gerrard

Yue Gerrard

Yue Gerrard

Instrument(s): Cello, Piano

City: Washington, DC

Education: Shanghai Conservatory of Music; University of West Virginia; Duquesne University

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    About Yue Gerrard

    Yue Gerrard is a professional Cello & Piano instructor with over 20 years of teaching experience. Yue has two Master’s degrees in cello performance from the University of West Virginia and Duquesne University in Pittsburg, PA. She earned her bachelor’s degree in cello performance at the prestigious Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 1983, and has also been a member of numerous orchestras since 1984. She has played with the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra, the Fairfax Symphony, the West Virginia University Symphony (as principal), the Graduate String Quartet for three years and the Shanghai Film Orchestra among others.

    Ms. Gerrard is also a private Piano instructor and learned the instrument throughout her University studies. Through the applied classes and lessons she took to develop her background, she gained proficiency and works with students of all ages in the beginner and intermediate levels. Yue especially enjoys working with young beginners on Piano, as she believes it's an excellent instrument for early general music, theory study, and Piano is universal.

    Ms. Gerrard is a proud mother who started out her teaching career in Fairfax County while raising two daughters. She has taught countless students from the area, with many earning prestigious positions in district orchestras. Ms. Gerrard knows that each student has their own personality, and she believes that through connection and dedication between student and teacher, anything is possible. She loves music and the experience of seeing her students reach greater milestones along the way. She hopes to spread her passion to her students!

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