Teacher Profile: Yamil Granda

Yamil Granda

Yamil Granda

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar

City: Miami/South Florida

Education: Pursuing a degree in music at Miami Dade College.

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    About Yamil Granda

    Yamil Granda was born in Havana Cuba and currently lives in Miami Florida. Yamil began his musical career with the guitar where he would play at church worship bands. There was an opening for bass guitar in a worship band and he picked up the instrument and it quickly became his main instrument for gigging. He currently teaches guitar and bass guitar for all levels and is very passionate about helping people attain their musical goals.

    Yamil has been performing almost as long as he has been playing. He started off performing for worship bands and occasionally does to this day. Currently, he plays for a local band called Stillblue where he not only performs but also writes and composes music. Yamil also studies music at Miami Dade College with the hopes of pursuing a degree in music technology at Florida International University in the future. Through studying he has earned a deeper understanding of music theory and technique that he can impart to students should they wish to pursue it.

    As a teacher Yamil has adopted a very empathetic teaching style. Every mistakes his students make is met with insight and encouragement. Lessons with him take on a calm and stress free feeling because he is aware of how frustrating it is to feel stuck on a musical obstacle. Ultimately Yamil believes that the most important thing about music is enjoyment and he bases his teaching style around this.

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