Teacher Profile: William Hickerson

William Hickerson

William Hickerson

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Drums, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele

City: Washington, DC

Education: Full Sail University

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    About William Hickerson

    William Hickerson is a music producer, songwriter; and composer. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Full Sail University, where he learned technical writing and mastered musical theory. Composition is a great passion for William, as he always strives to learn more and adapt. Here, he also learned technical aspects of each instrument, as well as how to write for various instruments.

    William has adept knowledge in multiple instruments. He can fluently play guitar, piano, bass, and drums. William also has sufficient experience working with vocalists, and training their voice to be used as an instrument. Always learning is a strong motto of William’s teaching style, and knowledge of an instrument can only continue to grow.

    William’s teaching style is one of focus, determination, and drive for success. A lesson plan will revolve around learning your child, adapting to their needs, and providing them the necessary medium in which to grow their musical knowledge. Passion fuels knowledge, and William believes this certainly applies to a teaching medium. He holds teaching to an immensely high regard, and will treat a student with the same respect.

    William looks to expand his career with teaching, and always searching for new opportunities. William is an active composer and songwriter, working with artist from all over the world to produce lead sheets. William also records in studios, and offers advice as a studio producer. In his free time, William enjoys playing his guitar, fishing, and spending time with his young nieces and nephews.

    Teaching will continue to grow as a love, and desire for success will be fostered.

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