Teacher Profile: Travis Austin

Travis Austin

Travis Austin

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Drums, Guitar, Voice

City: Atlanta

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    About Travis Austin

    Travis Austin, born and raised in Atlanta, GA, has been apart of many aspects of music for years! He is an active performer in Atlanta's underground music scene, a stagehand for various different venues around Atlanta, and a sound engineer for live music venues.

    Travis started his music journey at the age of 11 when he picked up the trumpet and baritone/euphonium for band class. He learned a multitude of things about music and music theory. Although he liked it, his real desire was to be in a rock and roll band! So at the age of 14, Travis saved all the money he could to buy an amp and a guitar and taught himself how to play. From there he has found success in sessions groups and bands around Atlanta.

    His styles range from early 70s rock and roll like Pink Floyd and the Doors to 90s grunge like Nirvana and Sound Garden. In teaching, Travis teaches music students ages of all ages. He takes pride in being patient, open-minded, and having an emphasis on trying to use your instrument creatively. He has varying experience with many instruments but is proficient in guitar, bass, and music theory. The most important things to Travis in teaching a lesson is having fun with our craft! At the end of the day, nothing matters unless you are truly enjoying what you do.

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