Teacher Profile: Shae White

Shae White

Shae White

Instrument(s): Flute, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele

City: Dallas

Education: University of California, Berkeley

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    About Shae White

    Shae White was born and raised in East Texas and found his musical roots through church and family. Although he came from a family of guitarists, Shae decided to pick up piano at an early age. His teacher was the church pianist and he started playing for church services after a few years and eventually started playing keyboard for praise and worship bands. Since then, Shae studied classical piano at UC Berkeley, where he got his Bachelor's. Shae is an avid teacher and performer of piano, guitar, bass and flute.

    Shae has had the pleasure of teaching for several years and he loves it. Shae has taught a variety of students of different ages, cultures and musical interest. He has taught music all around California, Texas and Vietnam. Shae's lessons are intense and attempt to capture the full attention and interest of his students. He strives for those "ah ha!" moments and pushes his students to be the best musicians they can be. Whether it is technique, theory, sight-reading, or getting a song ready for a performance, there is never a dull moment in Shae's lessons. Since the very start of his teaching career, Shae has always invited his students to serve their community by giving them bonus performance opportunities at nursing homes. These performances serve as a great way to warm up for a recital while spreading the joy of music with the elderly.

    Shae has several interest aside from music and teaching. Shae loves comedy. He is easy to make laugh and will throw out a joke at any moment, and is a great lover of video games as well!

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