Teacher Profile: Samantha Ruvalcaba

Samantha Ruvalcaba

Samantha Ruvalcaba

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice

City: Dallas

Education: Music Professional

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    About Samantha Ruvalcaba

    Samantha Ruvalcaba has always been passionate about Music since she was aware. From her love of reading and writing to her love of film, all her interests always correlated back to Music. Her mind has always been inspired to share her inner world and creativity through that. “ My Imagination is my greatest gift”. With Lesson in Your Home, Sam will teach you the fundamentals and techniques that you would need to know but also teach you that music can be an escape to have fun…and express yourself.

    Samantha started Piano when she was 13, with her instructor Michael Peterson. She has performed solo recitals at Bass Hall, Will Rogers Memorial Center, and Palace Theatre showcasing her skills, and talent. Samantha believes that the best part of performing is hoping that the audience feels the same emotion one portrays.

    Currently getting her degree in Music Education, Samantha Studies Music Theory, Sight Singing & Ear Training with Professor Dr. Kim, and studies Piano alongside Professor Oscar Dressler, and Dr. Christine Yang. She is a student at Tarrant County College and is the Senator of TCC’s Music Club. Having the opportunity to meet many musically talented friends and peers. Her band “ The Moldy Bagels” came to be. She is one of the lead singers in the band and plays the Electric Keyboard. They play a diversity of music and have been invited to events like The Keller Art Walk, and The Heart of Peace Event.

    Samantha has taught many of her family and friends Piano and wants to expand herself in Voice. She has developed a love for teaching and is inspired by those who find enjoyment and passion in helping them follow their dreams. She believes that the importance of music and teaching an instrument is about patience, creating a safe space for her students to grow, improve, and share that music is something that is already within ourselves.

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