Teacher Profile: Sage Vecchio

Sage Vecchio

Sage Vecchio

Instrument(s): Piano, Violin, Voice

City: Dallas

Education: University of Hawaii

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    About Sage Vecchio

    Sage is a trained musician and musical instructor with years of teaching and playing experience. As a multi-instrumental musician, Sage specializes in violin and piano, with additional experience in professional recordings, performance singing and guitar.

    Starting at age four, Sage began playing the piano, quickly learning to play songs by ear. From 2006 onwards, Sage received formal lessons and training. She learned to read sheet music, became proficient in more instruments and studied the fundamentals of musical theory. She also began performing in solo and ensemble and often played at weddings and other formal events,

    As Sage continued to develop her musical career, she attended university to formally study Music Theory and Performing Arts. As her expertise advanced, she went on to record several original songs, composed her own music and collaborated with other professionals in the music industry.

    Currently, Sage works as a skilled musician and passionate music instructor all across Dallas, TX. She is proficient as a multi-instrumentalist, showcasing skills in piano, violin, vocal performances, original compositions and song development. Additionally, Sage utilizes Tibetan bowls and acutonics as a means of music therapy, holding the belief that music is a universal language with the ability to ground and transmute energy through vibration and sound.

    When not providing guidance to new and interested musicians, Sage enjoys a wide range of hobbies. She is a skilled tinker, crafting works such as dream catchers, jewelry, stained glass, multi-media art and paintings, murals, doll houses and much more. She loves to read and write, hike and climb, collect old films, play any & all board games and above all...her cats.

    Sage is an advocate for nature, animals and children. She sees life as an opportunity to seek magic and the miraculous in each moment, and curates a reality of color, creativity and exuberance.

    "I believe 'child-like wonder' is only lost when one stops prioritizing the importance of play."

    ~Sage V.

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