Teacher Profile: Richard Lucchesi

Richard Lucchesi

Richard Lucchesi

Instrument(s): Bass, Guitar, Harmonica, Mandolin, Recorder, Ukulele

City: Orlando


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About Richard Lucchesi

Rick Lucchesi has been teaching guitar, mandolin, baroque recorder, and music theory to all age groups for many years, and he has recently began also offering ukulele and bass lessons. Each lesson incorporates aspects of reading, performance, interpretation of the music, repertoire, and an emphasis of the enjoyment and fun of the instrument with the goals of the student in mind. Rick has had experience teaching in studios, churches, and private home settings. All lesson plans are written out for the student and also in Rick's log for each following lesson appointment.

In teaching children and young adults, Rick believes that they should be given a lesson plan that is both fun and offers all the tools they need so they can be free to pursue their musical interests in the future whether it be as a creative hobby, or as a semi-professional or professional music goal. This is achieved with the use of method books appropriate to their age for reading and music theory, songs for performance and fulfillment, and additional materials that can be utilized for the young student. Discussions and participation with the parents is encouraged to enhance the learning environment for the student. Rick also composes many pieces for duos allowing the student to play the pieces with Rick to experience playing in an ensemble setting, and these pieces can also be used to allow the student to practice creating and writing their own melodies and harmonies. Rhythm training, ear training, sight reading, and methods for how to learn are included during the lessons.

For adults, Rick offers a lesson plan based on what the adult student is interested in which may be accompaniment to their desire to sing, or solo performance, or an in-depth study experience in a particular style on their instrument. As the teacher, Rick's goal is to understand the motivating events and desires that have moved the adult student to pursue lessons, and then research appropriate books and materials that can be offered to the adult student during the lesson experience. Rick draws from years of experience on the stage as a soloist and in bands preparing and performing music to discuss the nuances of musical genres and styles so that the student can play the songs as they hear them. As the lessons progress, Rick also takes the time to inquire of the adult student if the direction is fulfilling to them or if changes need to be made as they gain experience or develop different interest goals on their instrument.

Also included in all lessons is inspection and discussion of the care and maintenance of the student's instrument and accompanying equipment and accessories.

Rick's education includes Composition and Guitar Performance at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and also private instruction. In addition to electric and acoustic guitar, he also plays classical guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo, synthesizer, harmonica, ukulele, and baroque recorder. Rick is also a Full member of Registry of Guitar Tutors of the London College of Music.

Rick maintains an active performance schedule and continues to write music for all of the instruments and musical genres he performs and enjoys in both solo and ensemble settings. His musical journey started with trumpet and baritone horn in elementary and junior high school, moving to guitar in high school, and then hitting the road with bands soon after. His musical travels brought him to clubs, hotels, and stages across the country including everything from the "Strip" in Las Vegas to the Grand Ol' Opry in Nashville. Along the way Rick also had the great experiences of opening for groups such as Diamond Rio, Lonestar, Wade Hayes, Kenny Rogers, and many others. Rick has performed a variety of genres including classical, rock, jazz, country, ragtime, Celtic, blues, free jazz improvisation, ambient, world, acoustic folk and Americana, bluegrass, funk, and gospel. Rick currently maintains an active live schedule performing guitar and vocals in a modern country and rock variety cover band; as a synthesizer/keyboardist, harmonica player, and contributing song writer in an instrumental world-music ensemble; as a mandolinist and contributing song writer in a mandolin trio; as an acoustic guitarist, mandolinist, vocalist and contributing song writer in an Americana/Folk group; as "Peter" in a Peter, Paul, and Mary tribute group; and is also a first-call sub for a variety band playing guitar or bass

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