Teacher Profile: Raymond Fountain

Raymond Fountain

Raymond Fountain

Instrument(s): Guitar, Ukulele, Voice

City: Orlando

Education: Hillsong International Leadership College

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    About Raymond Fountain

    Raymond Fountain, a guitarist established in Orlando, has a passion for guitar playing and aspires to share that sentiment through teaching. He began his studies by learning music theory through his homeschooling. At the age of 12, he discovered his father's old acoustic guitar and his interest grew. From there, he began guitar lessons and later joined his church youth band playing with them from middle school through high school. Upon graduating high school, Raymond traveled to Sydney, Australia to continue his studies at Hillsong International Leadership College. He upheld his guitar education by studying alongside fellow guitarists and peers both in the mainstream industry and in worship music ministry. When his time in Australia came to an end, he landed a job in a church as an Audio Technician and Musician Developer. Through it all, Raymond worked on cultivating his art and loves guiding students in pursuing music in his/her own unique way.

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