Teacher Profile: Philip Dubitsky

Philip Dubitsky

Philip Dubitsky

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Composition, Guitar, Piano

City: Washington, DC

Education: Berklee College of Music

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    About Philip Dubitsky

    Philip Dubitsky was born in Oklahoma and grew up around the Washington DC area. His passion for music was apparent well before he picked up his first musical instrument and it is this passion that he looks to foster in his students. At age ten Philip started playing the trumpet and then at age fourteen he put down the trumpet to focus on guitar. A few years later he was accepted into Berklee College of Music, where he further advanced his technique on guitar while also learning the intricacies of composing/arranging music from small ensembles all the way up to full orchestra. Beyond performance and composition Philip also learned the fundamentals of music production, a skill which he has continued to develop through putting out his own music as a recording artist.

    A versatile guitarist, Philip has experience playing and teaching virtually every style of contemporary music. Whether it is teaching beginners the building blocks of rock/blues/country songs, helping intermediate players lock down consistent rhythm and lead playing, or teaching experienced players advanced improvisation and reharmonization techniques for contemporary jazz, Philip has the knowledge and experience to help guitarists of any skill level flourish. In addition to studying guitar performance at Berklee, Philip also took multiple classes on modern keyboard technique. The understanding he developed for piano has allowed him to teach beginners the fundamentals of piano technique for solo piano as in an ensemble setting.

    “What has always drawn me to music is how universal it is. Whether it’s a pop song from this year or a classical piece from hundreds of years ago, the emotions being expressed have the ability to resonate with the listener regardless of when and where the song was written.” Through teaching his students to play and create music, Philip hopes to spread some of the joy that music has brought to him and enable a new generation to fill the world with music.

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