Teacher Profile: Oscar Chen

Oscar Chen

Oscar Chen

Instrument(s): Guitar, Ukulele, Viola, Violin, Voice

City: Seattle

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    About Oscar Chen

    Oscar Chen is a dedicated and energetic musician with a deep love for music education. As the founder and member of the indie R&B band "Oh! Sheep" and having achieved the ABRSM Grade 8 Violin with Merit, he has demonstrated a high level of technical proficiency and musical understanding. Additionally, Oscar has over four years of experience in music education, during which he has had the privilege of guiding students from various backgrounds and skill levels.

    Oscar's musical journey extends beyond teaching. For years, he has been an active member of orchestras, honing my skills as both a violinist and violist. This experience has enriched his understanding of ensemble playing, musical interpretation, and the importance of collaboration.

    While classical music is often seen as the traditional pathway for learning the violin, Oscar is passionate about expanding the horizons of his students and believes that there is beauty and value in every genre and style of music. Whether it's classical, pop, jazz, folk, or any other genre, Oscar can educate and guide students to explore and appreciate different musical genres. With expertise and a versatile background, Oscar can introduce students to various techniques, styles, and musical expressions. Lessons are tailored to suit each student's individual needs, ensuring that they not only develop strong technical skills but also nurture their own musical creativity.

    Creating a supportive and encouraging environment is essential to the teaching approach. Oscar strives to establish a strong connection with my students, fostering a positive and motivating atmosphere where they can freely express themselves and feel confident in their abilities. He is excited to embark on this musical journey with you or your child. Whether you are a beginner or already have some experience, Oscar is here to guide you, nurture your musical potential, help you achieve your goals, and discover the joy and fulfillment that music can bring.

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