Teacher Profile: Olia Kazenina

Olia Kazenina

Olia Kazenina

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Seattle

Education: University of British Columbia; Douglas College

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    About Olia Kazenina

    Olia has started to play piano at the age of 6 and was trained for 5 years at St. Petersburg Music School named after E.A. Mravinsky. After moving, she took a break and focused on completing a Psychology program at the University of British Columbia and post graduate studies in Data Analytics from Douglas College. During the pandemic, she was drawn to reteach herself piano and has been playing since. She likes composing, playing music from movie soundtracks and popular songs, and enjoys performing to small audience and her friends.

    Olia focuses on teaching performance, technique, music theory, and ear training to build the foundation for students to have success playing the piano. She wants her students to feel inspired and use music as a creative endeavor and an art of self-expression.

    Outside of teaching piano, Olia has been coaching tennis for the last decade where she creates a fun and engaging environment for her students. She has also built a small business Mind Pattern that is based on neuroscience, cognitive behavioral therapy and lifestyle that focuses on coaching and education services to help others stay mentally agile, healthy and active. Olia believes learning to play piano has a tremendous benefit to our mental well-being and neural development that helps us to stay sharp.

    Olia believes that music education helps to build a strong foundation and motivation for long-term success and that’s what she is aiming to offer to LIYH students.

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