Teacher Profile: Obi Franics

Obi Franics

Obi Franics

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice

City: Seattle

Education: San Diego State University

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    About Obi Franics

    Obi Francis is a singer, songwriter, recording artist, performer, and producer. He was born in California, spent his childhood in Texas, and eventually found his way to the beautiful PNW. He comes from a musical family, and he is a lifelong artist and musician. He earned his BA in Creative Writing from San Diego State University. Art and music are his priority and his passion. He recently released his first set of songs and is in the process of recording and releasing more original music. Obi spends his time learning and developing his musical skills, and making music and art.

    Obi has worked professionally with youth for over ten years, as a private tutor, singing & piano instructor, substitute teacher, and youth development professional. He knows the power of positive reinforcement, as well as the power of music. His teaching philosophy revolves around catering needs to the individual and is completely founded in encouragement and support. Through voice or piano lessons, Obi tries to bring to his student's knowledge and skills in breath strength and control, vocal health, vocal exercises, singing techniques, individual creativity and personal growth. Learning to sing or play piano is fun and rewarding, and Obi is honored and ecstatic to be a part of his student's musical journey!

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