Teacher Profile: Nathan Primm

Nathan Primm

Nathan Primm

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele

City: Seattle

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    About Nathan Primm

    Nathan is an acoustic and electric guitarist, electric bass player, and pianist out of Shoreline, WA with well over a decade of experience. Nathan enjoys music because of its therapeutic and cognitive behavioral benefits. Music has been such a big part of his life since day one. Both parents played musical instruments, and both were collectors and connoisseurs of it. He took suit as soon as he was able to put a cd into a cd player.

    Nathan's mom bought him his first electric guitar at the age of 15, with a desire to rock out to Green Day all day. From there he started taking lessons at the Seattle Drum School with local guitar legend Ari Doria. Ari taught Nathan basic guitar technique and skills. Once Nathan got the basics down, Ari let Nathan ask him what he wanted to learn. These genres included rock' n roll, the blues, and punk rock. Having learned basic guitar, some different styles, and the music theory behind it. Nathan also studied with another Seattle guitar hero Azorik Vovin, who took Nathan's playing and listening to the next level. Azorik trained Nathan's technique and ear for 4 years.

    Nathan also took on surplus of college level guitar/bass/piano, performance, and music theory studies. These colleges include national recognized schools of music Shoreline Community College and Berklee's Online College of Music. He took on the opportunity to learn from names that include Jeff Kashiwa, Sue Ennis, Rick Peckham, Rich Greenblat, Michael Hamilton, Steve Rochinski, and more.

    Nathan also has over 5 years of live performance experience, that range from an assortment of bands that cover multiple different genres and style of playing. He played rhythm electric guitar for the "Funk n' Groove" Band at Shoreline Community College. He also played bass in a classic rock cover band called "Finnegan's Wake". During his time at Shoreline Community College and Berklee's Online College of Music, Nathan also played out at local Seattle open mics with his acoustic and electric guitar, performing classic rock and acoustic covers. Nathan also played electric bass for an alternative rock emo band called "Sinking Season", and played live shows in 12 states.

    When it comes to being a music teacher, Nathan prides himself in giving his students structured autonomy. He wants his students to feel free in whatever path music takes them. Whether the student wants to be a professional musician, or not, Nathan strives for his students to capture any or all the benefits that music has to offer.

    Outside of music, Nathan loves to spend time with his family, whether that's grabbing a bite somewhere to eat, or dropping a line to do some fishing. Nathan also has a deep appreciation for film. He's also likes watching team sports such as the NFL and the NBA.

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