Teacher Profile: Nan Wang

Nan Wang

Nan Wang

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice

City: Dallas

Education: University of North Texas

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    About Nan Wang

    Nan Wang has been a vocal and piano instructor since 2015, cultivating a profound passion for music education. Nan believes in maintaining an engaging curriculum that suits every individual student.

    Drawing upon a diverse array of captivating exercises and distinctive techniques, Nan guides students on their journey toward mastering proper vocalization and technique. Her curriculum encompasses a broad spectrum of subjects, including music theory, arranging, fundamental improvisation, and more, all of which contribute to nurturing students' creative potential and forming the foundation of their musicianship.

    By skillfully weaving together these varied teaching methods, Nan demonstrates confidence in her ability to captivate students spanning different age groups. Her teaching ignites their passion for music, leading to exceptional growth in their individual vocal skills. As a dedicated music educator, Nan's commitment is unwavering, driven by her desire to help students realize their aspirations and fully explore their capabilities.

    Nan firmly believes in the importance of delivering a comprehensive education that covers everything from sight-singing, performance practice, and exploring musical range. She finds immense joy in the art of transitioning themes during lessons, which sustains student engagement and heightens their focus. Recognizing the pivotal role of cultivating an intrinsic desire to learn, Nan is resolute in creating a positive learning environment that propels students to seek knowledge from within.

    Through actively guiding her thought processes and promoting self-directed learning, Nan is dedicated to inspiring students to explore, innovate, and achieve remarkable musical growth.

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