Teacher Profile: Myles Clark

Myles Clark

Myles Clark

Instrument(s): Drums, Percussion, Piano

City: Washington, DC

Education: Loyola University

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    About Myles Clark

    Myles Clark is a Washington, D.C. area based Percussion and Piano Teacher with a passion for fostering a love of music in his students. With a journey that began at the age of 5, Myles has spent a lifetime studying music, and his own experiences have shaped his teaching approach and philosophy for the students he now works with.

    From his early years, Myles was drawn to drums and percussion and pursued opportunities to play at school and with orchestral ensembles. He excelled under the guidance of key mentors at this time, like Luis Garay, and participated in the DC Youth Orchestra. Garay was a stand-out instructor in Myles’s younger years who nurtured his talent and instilled in him a deep appreciation for the world of music.

    Earning a music scholarship to Loyola University New Orleans, Myles continued to expand his musical horizons. Collaborating and performing with renowned musicians and jazz legends, including West Anderson (who toured with Wynton Marsalis) Myles gained invaluable experience and insight into the music industry. During this time, Myles participated in Jazz Festivals, and other performance opportunities in New Orleans.

    Myles earned his Bachelor’s of Music from Loyola University with a concentration in Music Business. Since graduating, Myles has shifted gears into education and working with private students on Drum Kit, Orchestral Percussion, and Piano. His mission is to make a lasting impact on the community through his teaching. Drawing inspiration from the lessons he received as a child, he aims to impart those same values to the students he teaches each week.

    In his lessons, Myles focuses on cultivating a strong foundation in technique, theory, and how the instrument works from the start. He emphasizes the importance of mastering the fundamentals, especially rudiments for drummers. He also guides his students through the intricacies of keys and scales for mallet instruments and Piano to ensure that students have a strong basis in Music Theory from the start of their study.

    For all his students, Myles hopes to pass on his deep love for music and help them develop essential skills on their instrument that will enable them to appreciate music for a lifetime to come.

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