Teacher Profile: Molly Almes

Molly Almes

Molly Almes

Instrument(s): Oboe, Piano, Ukulele

City: Orlando

Education: University of Kentucky, University of Florida

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    About Molly Almes

    As a lifelong learner, and avid appreciator of music, Molly Almes is dedicated to providing a music learning environment for all. She hopes to encourage students of all levels and ages to strive for their own success, develop an appreciation for their work and music, as well as find enjoyment for playing and making music.

    Molly first found the joy of music since she first began private lessons playing piano and oboe since she was six and 11 years old, respectively. She has performed in various ensembles ranging from concert ensembles, jazz ensembles, as well as small ensembles such as trios and duets, spanning her middle school, high school, and college career in Central Kentucky.

    Since 2021, Molly has been an active member of the music education community in Central Florida teaching elementary music to kindergarteners through fifth grade. Prior to 2021, Molly taught a range of musical skill level while teaching elementary music to first through fifth graders, assisting with the teaching of a competitive high school marching band, as well as teaching private lessons for oboe and beginning piano while living in Kentucky.

    Molly’s main instruments are oboe and piano. Her teachers include Ray Grimm, Mike Clark, and Toni Marie Marchioni. Her education includes a Bachelor’s and Master’s from the University of Kentucky and the University of Florida, respectively.

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