Teacher Profile: Michael Ounallah

Michael Ounallah

Michael Ounallah

Instrument(s): Drums, Percussion, Piano, Voice

City: Washington, DC


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About Michael Ounallah

Mike Ounallah comes a varied and vast array of musical experiences. He has been playing drums and percussion for over 25 years, piano for around 15, and has been studying voice for almost a decade. He has a bachelor's of music in jazz studies from UNC Wilmington and a Masters of Music in Jazz Studies from the University of Maryland. During his time in school, Mike performed in a number of different groups. He has played in situations as varied as Orchestra, Big-band, African Drum Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Combo Jazz Groups, Gamelan Orchestra, Afro-Cuban Ensembles, and Mallet Ensembles. He also performed in freelance rock, jazz, jam, and improvisational groups.

Since graduating, he has toured the country and abroad in several working groups that have played large festivals, clubs, venues, and most notably the Presidential Luncheon. It is this experience, that gives Mike an edge and understanding of what it takes to not only succeed in an academic setting but also in a 'real world' situation.

Studying under great teachers himself, has given Mike the tools to design lesson plans specific to the student. Being a teacher of close to 25 years of all ages, he understands what it takes to make lessons fun, engaging, and all around great musical experience's that keep his students motivated and excited to get better on their instrument.

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