Teacher Profile: Melissa Graulich

Melissa Graulich

Melissa Graulich

Instrument(s): Cello, Guitar, Piano, Violin

City: Atlanta

Education: Educational Background:

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    About Melissa Graulich

    Melissa Graulich is a music teacher with a pure passion for helping everyone understand the language of music. She attended James Madison University, where she studied Music Education, Music Theory, and Concert Performance. She is classically-trained Cellist, but has also mastered the piano, guitar, and the violin.

    Melissa also closely works with musicians and artists in music studio settings. She has obtained album placements with artists signed to record labels.

    Melissa's approach to any lesson is with perseverance and determination. She believes learning the cello, guitar, piano or violin should be fun! If you love music, and you want to channel your inner creativity, don't hesitate to contact Melissa for lessons. You won't be disappointed!

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