Teacher Profile: Max Sander Segriff

Max Sander Segriff

Max Sander Segriff

Instrument(s): Piano, Violin

City: Atlanta

Education: Berklee College of Music

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    About Max Sander Segriff

    Max is a passionate violin and piano teacher with a diverse background in music. He graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor's degree in Electronic Production with a specialty in Classical, Folk, and Jazz music. With years of experience performing in orchestras and groups around the world, Max has honed his skills as a musician and developed a deep understanding of music theory and composition. In addition to his skills as a violinist and pianist, Max is also well-versed in music production, which enables him to help his students learn how to produce and record their own music.

    As a teacher, Max is committed to creating a fun and engaging learning environment that inspires his students to become the best musicians they can be. He believes in tailoring his teaching style to the individual needs of each student, helping them develop their technique, improve their tone and intonation, and expand their repertoire. Most importantly, Max aims to build a confidence in his students that spans beyond music and lasts a lifetime!

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