Teacher Profile: Max Burton

Max Burton

Max Burton

Instrument(s): Drums

City: Seattle

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    About Max Burton

    Maxwell Burton is a drummer from Edmonds, Washington. Beginning on the drums at the age of fourteen, Max has years of experience behind the kit. Growing up, learning the instrument was a fun hobby and a way to connect with his father and make friends throughout his time in school. He has continued this passion for performing music out of an appreciation for always having a healthy creative outlet and means of collaborating and communicating with others.

    As years went on, Max moved to Seattle where he eventually began performing live music regularly. Before long, he had established himself within the folk music scene in Seattle and was performing in four separate acts concurrently. These acts included: Lucas Tayne, The Two Tides, Sarah O’Dea, and Zach Zamora. During this time, he accrued ample professional experience both on and off the stage, from performing sets in live venues, to recording in-studio.

    With experience instructing students in drumming as well as fly-fishing, Max has tested experience as an educator and takes a stake in seeing each of his students through toward successful outcomes whether that be for an enriching hobby, or something more formalized. He has eclectic experience across musical genres such as folk, funk, rock, jazz, punk, and metal. From each of these he’s gained a little more in his percussive bag of tricks that he can impart on students. His belief is firm that playing music is for anyone; that a rich creative practice has a place in anyone’s life as a way of enriching oneself in any way, be it professionally or as simply a healthy way to connect with friends.

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