Teacher Profile: Maria Rodriguez

Maria Rodriguez

Maria Rodriguez

Instrument(s): Flute, Piano

City: Miami/South Florida

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    About Maria Rodriguez

    Maria is a dedicated and accomplished music educator who holds a profound affection for both the flute and piano. Their journey spans over four years of guiding and inspiring students of various ages and proficiency levels. With an innate passion for music, they have honed their teaching acumen while nurturing an impressive 13-year expertise in playing the flute and piano. Currently pursuing an associate bachelor’s degree in music education and accounting, her academic versatility harmonizes with their musical proficiency. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she adeptly fosters effective communication with a diverse array of students and colleagues.

    Continuing her passion at MySchoolHouse Private School from 2019 to 2023, she dedicated herself to nurturing musical talents among middle and high school students. They developed a comprehensive music curriculum that focused on fundamental theory, technique, and performance skills, guiding students toward their full potential as musicians. Their pedagogical approach encompassed ensemble direction, performance coaching, and a holistic perspective on music education. They took pride in delivering personalized instruction, organizing recitals, fostering ensemble experiences, and leveraging technology to enrich the learning journey.

    Her integration of technology extended to the use of interactive learning tools, heightening engagement and enhancing the overall learning experience.

    Her journey reflects a steadfast commitment to shaping the next generation of musicians and fostering a lifelong appreciation for music within her students. As she continues to pursue music with a professional and academically excellent approach, her dedication to cultivating an enduring love for music remains resolute.

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