Teacher Profile: Mahamma Germain

Mahamma Germain

Mahamma Germain

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice

City: Atlanta

Education: Berklee College of Music

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    About Mahamma Germain

    Mahamma is a singer/songwriter and vocal producer from Boston, Massachusetts. Started her music journey at a 3rd grade talent show in her hometown. Since then, her family noticed her love for the arts and persuaded her to audition and attend the only public high school in Boston for the visual and performing arts, Boston Arts Academy where she was classically and jazz trained. It is there she realized that music is something she wanted to continue to pursue for the rest of her life. She joined a high school music program through the prestigious, Berklee College of Music, called Berklee City Music. Through this program, she was able to study with award winning Berklee professors, perform alongside her peers around Boston venues and eventually was awarded a full-tuition scholarship in 2015. She attended Berklee, majoring in Music Therapy with a minor in Psychology and graduated in 2019. After graduating, she decided that she wanted to move to Atlanta to continue to pursue her dreams, making that a reality at the start of 2021. Mahamma has performed alongside and for Pentatonix, Charlie Puth, the 3x Oscar-winning film, CODA, and most recently, Robert Glasper.

    Mahamma has taught music lessons through a mentorship program within Berklee and has experience in working with students from all age ranges and abilities. She enjoys teaching her students and reminding them the importance of patience when it comes to growth. She is able to have students connect to their craft on a deeper level and applying what they learn in their lessons to their own lives.

    Outside of her craft, Mahamma enjoying reading, meditating, kayaking and cooking.

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