Teacher Profile: Logan Gee

Logan Gee

Logan Gee

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Voice

City: Seattle

Education: Western Washington University; Santa Clara University

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    About Logan Gee

    Logan has been drawn toward playing music from a very young age. He started by memorizing the lyrics to songs and mimicking playing an instrument when he was too young to physically pick one up. He spent much of his time learning guitar and piano without a teacher, either relying upon instruction books or simply trying to follow a recorded melody by ear. He then set about getting lessons from whomever he could, including music store employees, family friends, and eventually college courses. He has performed for a wide variety of audiences, from coffee shops to bars to weddings to zoom chat rooms. He has taught lessons for fifteen years.

    His philosophy on teaching emphasizes the student's understanding of the construction of songs rather than rote memorization. Using tools like the circle of fifths and swing/blues standards, his focus is setting the student on the path to enjoying the work that is practice and eventually directing their own learning. He believes that one of the more common hindrances to a student's improvement is not clearing enough time in his or her personal schedule to practice without distraction. The practice time-to-lesson time ratio should be roughly 5-to-1, meaning that if a student's lesson times are an hour long, he or she should practice five hours before the next lesson. He understands that this is asking a lot especially in our increasingly busy culture, but it can be achieved by simply setting aside a little time for practice each day.

    His goal as a teacher is to help students build a foundation where their future as a musician can flourish in a wide variety of ways. He hopes that you find a love for being part of the music, not just listening to it.

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