Teacher Profile: Lief Sjostrom

Lief Sjostrom

Lief Sjostrom

Instrument(s): Cello, Guitar

City: Denver


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About Lief Sjostrom

After a show with a local rock band, a friend of Lief's asked him for cello lessons. That was almost 4 years ago, and he's been giving lessons ever since. Lief began playing cello at 10 and guitar at 11. He played other instruments as a child, but cello and guitar became his lifelong passion. As a child, Lief played cello in school orchestras, took private cello lessons, and played guitar, sang, and wrote songs in a rock band. He received a Bachelor's degree from Drake University in English and Secondary Education, but after college decided that music had to be the main focus of his life. After moving to Denver 7 years ago, Lief continued to refine his craft as a cellist, guitarist, and eventually as a music teacher. He has played and recorded with bands including; PrettyMouth, Sawmill Joe, Chad Price, Edison, The Patient Zeros, Tyto Alba, Adam Hooks, The New Ben Franklins, The Dead Orchids, Future Former, and many others. In the spring of 2017, he self-released his first solo EP of cinematic music that he writes, records, and performs with cello, guitar, effects, and a loop pedal. He also wrote and performed music for the score of a documentary by Adam Reynolds.

Lief's passion for teaching is intertwined into his passion for music. There is a long history of musicians and artists being teachers as well. As a musician becomes a better teacher, that person will become a better musician and vice versa. It is the duty of an artist or musician to pass on the appreciation for art and music because art and music help remind us of our humanity. Lief tries to pass on his background and knowledge of classical music and music theory as well as his love of experimentation and discovery.

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