Teacher Profile: Libbie Hamner

Libbie Hamner

Libbie Hamner

Instrument(s): Violin

City: Washington, DC

Education: University of Virginia

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    About Libbie Hamner

    Libbie Hamner is a passionate Violin Teacher who began her journey with the instrument 20 years ago. As an instructor, she works with students of all ages and levels.

    Libbie graduated from the University of Virginia, where she studied violin performance with Daniel Sender. Throughout Libbie’s high school and college studies, she performed at various venues. Ms. Hamner was a member of the Charlottesville Symphony Orchestra, and led a group that arranged and performed pop music in a traditional string quartet format. Currently, Libbie is a member of the D.C. Concert Orchestra and the Capital City Symphony.

    Libbie believes in gentle encouragement and fostering a true excitement for classical music. What is most important to Libbie is that she plants a seed in her students hearts for music. It is her goal to help prospective students gain the necessary skills to reach a solid level of proficiency, then shape their personal style on the violin for the future and beyond.

    While Libbie is a seasoned instrumentalist, she is — more importantly — a lover of music and and educator. Her goal in lessons is to find what inspires each student and to give them a well-rounded foundation they can develop for a lifetime, as well as learn basic problem-solving skills through music. Libbie knows it only takes one great teacher to open up the world of musical possibilities, and she hopes to serve as that inspiration for all students.

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