Teacher Profile: Leilani Benjamin

Leilani Benjamin

Leilani Benjamin

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Denver

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    About Leilani Benjamin

    Leilani was too young to remember the first key she struck on the piano. Likely, she was pounding away on one side of the keyboard while her mother patiently practiced on the other. Initially, Leilani's lessons were in her home with her mother. Around age 7, she started walking to a neighbor's home for lessons after school. As she aged, her confidence built, and she was asked to play in her family's church meetings - solo pieces, hymns with the congregation, and group ensembles as well as choir accompaniment. Soon, she became the neighborhood teacher, teaching around 15 students while in high school.

    Once she moved out for college, she was contracted to play for local churches around Idaho State University. She enrolled in piano performance and choir classes there, and continued her dedication to the craft. Knowing the piano was a fundamental piece to allow her to comfortably pick up the guitar and bass guitar.

    Ultimately, Leilani is incredibly grateful for the skills she was taught as a child. Playing music is an expressive hobby, and she can't wait to continue sharing in the passion that comes from expressing oneself through sound.

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