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Leah Tracy

Leah Tracy

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice

City: Denver

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    About Leah Tracy

    Leah Tracy is a composer, soprano, and music educator based in Denver, CO. Leah has had a passion for music since she was very young, making up songs on the piano at 5 years old. She began formal piano lessons in second grade. In middle school, she overcame immense stage fright and sang her first solo onstage, and a new passion was born. In high school, she began arranging music for her show choir, and eventually became interested in composing, and took a leap of faith, deciding to study music composition in college. She graduated in May of 2021 with a Bachelor of Music in Composition from Bowling Green State University, studying with composers Elainie Lillios, Christopher Dietz, and Mikel Kuehn. During her time at BGSU, she also studied classical voice for four years with Myra Merritt.

    Leah draws inspiration from the people around her, often basing her compositions on current events, childhood memories, powerful stories, and her most meaningful friendships and experiences. Her writing is not bound by strict form, but she prefers to allow music to flow wherever it needs, just as the mind meanders through thoughts and memories. Leah has a special interest in introducing young musicians to contemporary techniques, and often writes with a wide range of ability levels in mind. Her piece for ten-part choir, "sing to us, cedars" was recently chosen as a winner of Chicago A Cappella’s HerVoice competition. The piece was workshopped by world-renowned composer, Chen Yi, and will be premiered by Grammy-winning ensemble, Kansas City Chorale in the 2022-23 season. Leah’s music has been performed in Boston, Atlanta, New York City, and throughout the United States.

    As a performer, Leah has premiered several works by up-and-coming composers including a short opera by Emily McPherson in 2020. She has appeared as a performer at the Mid-American Center for Contemporary Music's New Music Festival. She has performed as a soloist on various occasion, including performing Corigliano's "Fern Hill" with BGSU's premiere choral ensemble and doctoral chamber orchestra. Along with up-and-coming pianist Steven Naylor, she was awarded 2nd Prize of the undergraduate division of the Conrad Art Song Competition in 2021. Leah enjoys singing many different styles, with experience in opera and classical art song, contemporary art music, and jazz. Leah currently serves as Music Director at Columbine Unitarian Universalist Church.

    Leah enjoys teaching voice and piano students of any age or ability level. She is dedicated to goal-based instruction, where the students are assisted in turning their musical hopes and dreams into concrete goals. Her voice instruction includes creating a plan-of-action and regularly assessing progress. This type of instruction encourages personal responsibility, self-motivation, individuality, confidence, and pride in a student's hard work, which can all be translated into many non-musical areas of students' lives.

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