Teacher Profile: Kristin Brooks

Kristin Brooks

Kristin Brooks

Instrument(s): Flute, Piano

City: Dallas

Education: Peabody Conservatory

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    About Kristin Brooks

    Studying both flute and piano at Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University under soloists Robert Willoughby and Mark Sparks, Kristin Brooks earned her Bachelors Degree in Music Performance. During that time she performed and recorded original solo works written by Peabody faculty including Robert Hall Lewis’ Monophony One.

    Her love and passion for the arts has taken many forms, from solo work to teaching. During her time at Peabody, Kristin completed a minor in Writing Seminars from Johns Hopkins, believing that the beauty of words is as powerful as the notes played on any instrument.

    Kristin has taught extensively throughout the United States. Her students have participated in all levels of state competitions, and youth orchestras including the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony where three of the four flutists were her students. Kristin’s flute choirs were recognized as some of the best in the United States, and was subsequently offered the position as conductor of the country’s largest flute choir in Texas.

    While performing across the country, Kristin took the position as Artist in Residence at Kimberly Elementary School in Redlands, California. As a member of The Redlands Bowl, she participated in fund raising to keep all Redlands Bowl concerts free to everyone who wished to attend.

    Kristin feels strong ties to each community where she has taught. Currently teaching first generation immigrants in Arlington, Texas, she acquired and delivered over 10 pianos to families in need, and continues to teach them every Sunday.

    Currently, Kristin teaches both flute and piano, and specializes in younger piano students, as well as audition prep for flutists in both local and state competitions. College audition preparedness for flutists is also a rare specialty that Kristin offers. All of her former students who auditioned for music schools were not only were accepted, but also many were given scholarships.

    Her 35 years of experience has led her to be the teacher that she is today, inspiring all of her students to see the beauty and magic in music.

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