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Kevin Wang

Kevin Wang

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Seattle

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    About Kevin Wang

    Kevin Wang is a dedicated pianist who is passionate about music education. Having plenty of experience teaching students at various ages and levels, he understands how valuable it is to make music lessons enjoyable and fruitful. Learning music allows one to express themselves artistically while helping them to build confidence and communication skills.

    During his middle and high school years, he participated in the school orchestra and traveled throughout California to perform in various concerts and festivals. In his first year at the University of Washington, he performed quarterly as a soloist for the secondary piano program in the Brechemin Auditorium. He has also had the privilege of studying under musicians such as Ricky Alegria, Kiwa Mizutani, and Chiao-yu Wu.

    Kevin's teaching experience began in his latter years of high school, where he instructed students in a wide range of musical genres, including classical, pop music, and film/animation OST, catering to students with varying interests. His uniqueness as a teacher stems from his dedicated, sensitive, and flexible approach to teaching. He focuses on personalizing each lesson, understanding that every student learns differently. By developing meaningful connections with his students, he adapts his lessons to foster their talents while ensuring their journey to musical excellence.

    His main objective in music education is to nurture a real passion and love for the piano in his students while helping them to progress toward their goals. He genuinely cares about every one of his students and utilizes his experience to support them in reaching their potential and finding their joy in music.

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