Teacher Profile: Kevin Sainmelus

Kevin Sainmelus

Kevin Sainmelus

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Drums, Guitar, Piano

City: Atlanta

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    About Kevin Sainmelus

    Kevin Christopher Sainmelus is a man who was introduced to music at

    the age of thirteen years old. It was

    something different that he was not used to due to the sudden move

    from Florida. Kevin received his first piano

    as a Christmas gift and was amazed. After that day playing the piano

    had a rolling effect on Kevin. He began

    practicing, playing through the lesson walk through settings on the

    keyboard. After a few months Kevin was

    able to play piano for his church. While playing for the church, Kevin

    began to take piano class to further his

    innate talent for music.

    As time went by Kevin progressed exceedingly and moved on to drums,

    guitar, and bass guitar. For being the

    first musician at the church and having a high interest in playing music,

    Kevin was awarded to being Head

    Musician Leader/Director.

    Kevin took on responsibilities on setting rehearsals dates, directing

    rehearsal, and in charge of music selections.

    Kevin showed strong leadership in this role that It spread to parents

    wanting to have their children take

    musical lessons.

    For the last 7 year, he has worked to build a reputation as a well-known

    musician in the music community.

    Whether it was playing, teaching, shadowing, or learning, he always put

    his best foot forward. Having a passion

    for music, Kevin is currently enrolled in a collegiate music program to

    further his education as a musician and


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