Teacher Profile: Kevin Bittle

Kevin Bittle

Kevin Bittle

Instrument(s): Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, Ukulele

City: Washington, DC

Education: The Western Ontario Conservatory of Music

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    About Kevin Bittle

    Kevin Bittle is a piano and guitar instructor, songwriter, and performer with over 40 years of experience in the music industry. He has spent a lifetime refining his craft and enjoys being able to share the gift of music with absolute beginners to advanced students of all ages. In addition to guitar and piano, Kevin also teaches bass guitar, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, lute, balalaika, bouzouki. ear training, music theory and songwriting. His goal is to instill a passion for all things music students will carry forward throughout their lifetime.

    Kevin began his study of the piano at age five, preparing and completing rigorous examination requirements for Grades One (I) through Ten (X) with The Royal Ontario Conservatory of Music and The University of Western Ontario Conservatory of Music respectively. He took a year off from his studies at university to complete an A.Mus.Paed. (Associate in Music Pedagogy) degree; receiving his license as a Certified Pianoforte Teacher in November of 1976. During this twelve month period Kevin’s teacher, Jill McNichol, allocated over 30 students at the novice and intermediate levels for “hands-on” experience to him. He founded his own school of music and had his students perform two recitals for the public that calendar year.

    Kevin’s teaching philosophy is founded on the premise that music is a wonderful, universal language. He believes that an understanding of the principles of music add the necessary “spice” to a student’s creativity and improves their ability to communicate with others at both verbal and emotional levels.

    Through over four decades of professional performance Kevin is versed in all styles for guitar and piano. From classical and country to blues , boogie-woogie, rock n' roll and all that jazz he provides students of any age with a panoramic musical experience. Kevin looks forward to beginning or continuing your musical journey with him!

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