Teacher Profile: Kane Recardo

Kane Recardo

Kane Recardo

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar, Piano

City: Seattle

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    About Kane Recardo

    Kane Recardo is a multi-instrumentalist, composer/songwriter, and private piano and guitar instructor from Seattle, WA. Kane began playing music at age 5, receiving lessons from his grandmother who taught regular private piano lessons in her home, where Kane lived. This constant proximity to music instilled a deep appreciation and enthusiasm that Kane brings to every lesson, with the aim being for the student to see just how creative and fun music can be.

    Kane received formal instruction from his grandmother for over 15 years, and began teaching private lessons in high school, instructing a variety of ages and skill ranges in guitar and piano. In addition to teaching, he has been heavily involved in music since his childhood, and is an experienced performer, having performed in a variety of bands and ensembles using a wide range of instruments both live and as a recording artist. All the while, Kane has continued to teach, bringing the same passion and experience he has a performer to his students. Kane believes that music as a creative outlet is one of the most rewarding, and that it is a unifying force in our communities throughout history. He brings this enthusiasm for music to every student, with the ultimate goal being that the student has fun and enjoys the feeling of creating music while still learning the proper techniques and enjoying the positive habits built by regular practice. Kane aims to teach music as another language, one that students can use to create and express themselves throughout their lives.

    Above all as a teaching philosophy, Kane believes in patience, and understands that each student learns uniquely. Lessons and the goals set are tailored to the student, and the most important thing for Kane as a teacher is that his students have fun, learn, and make progress on their goals. Kane imparts on his students how proper technique, practice, and music theory can serve the ultimate goal: having fun with music.

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