Teacher Profile: Julia Gordyuk

Julia Gordyuk

Julia Gordyuk

Instrument(s): Piano, Violin

City: Orlando

Education: Mozyr State Music College

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    About Julia Gordyuk

    Julia Gordyuk graduated from Mozyr State Music College in Belarus with a diploma in Music Education. Her journey into the world of music began at the age of 5 when she picked up her first violin. Throughout her musical path, she had the privilege of studying under excellent musicians who were themselves students of some of the finest Soviet teachers, including Mikhalchuk S.V., Kuperman L.A, Malashenko A.V., and Dubkova E.A.

    From a young age, she actively participated in various national competitions and music festivals, consistently ranking among the top performers at events like "Horizons" and "Musical Reflection." Her time as a student also allowed her to amass valuable experience as an orchestra musician. Beyond that, she played as a violinist in several pop bands that played integral roles in national performances such as "Vulica Brazil" and "A-fest."

    Over the course of many years, she has dedicated herself to teaching violin and piano. Her teaching journey has taken her to different countries with diverse cultures. In Belarus, she operated as a private music teacher, while in Turkey, she contributed her expertise to the "Kukla" music studio. Her instruction has spanned from beginner to advanced levels, catering to children, teenagers, adults, and even seniors.

    Her teaching approach is firmly rooted in catering to individual needs and aligning with the personal interests of each student. Alongside instrument mastery, she places emphasis on broader aspects, encompassing music theory, ear training, sight reading, improvisation, and rhythm. She takes particular delight in incorporating popular songs into the repertoire of each student, aiming to infuse the learning process with enjoyment and fostering a genuine passion for music.

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