Teacher Profile: Josh Bonillas

Josh Bonillas

Josh Bonillas

Instrument(s): French Horn

City: Denver

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    About Josh Bonillas

    Josh began playing horn at the age of 10 years old. Having trained for the past 13 years under industry leaders, Josh has played in chamber groups, jazz bands, orchestras, and in solo performances across the country. Competing in festivals, competitions, and auditions, Josh has succeeded at multiple levels in the professional world.

    Josh earned his bachelor’s degree in music performance from Oklahoma State University and continues to train and learn at the University of Denver where he is working towards his master’s in music performance. He currently plays with both the orchestra and wind ensemble at the University of Denver, as well as several small ensembles and chamber groups.

    Using music, Josh helps students develop the skills necessary to play an instrument, as well as the critical thinking skills needed to become proficient at reading music. Josh teaches students of all ages, levels of playing, and walks of life.

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